バイシクル メタルカード2個セット Bicycle MetalLuxe Gold Playing Cards Limited Edition

バイシクル メタルカード2個セット Bicycle MetalLuxe Gold Playing Cards Limited Edition
キラッキラに光り輝く超高級バイシクルです(≧▽≦) 箱を手にした瞬間から興奮が抑えきれなくなります。トランプを取り出したときは、あまりの美しさとクオリティーの高さで、素手で触ってしまったことを後悔するほどです。



出しただけで間違えなく注目度№1になるバイシクルで、是非、カードマジックを演じてみて下さい(^^♪ もちろん、コレクションにするのもアリだと思います。




Exclusively, the Bicycle Golden Luxe is back on the market! Collectors have been waiting for the return of these cards for a long time now, and they are finally back - now in an embossed black box with black foil. Jokarte is proud to have the exclusivity on these legendary cards. DESIGNED and manufactured by the US Playing Card Company. The Golden Luxe was originally reserved for members of Club 808, but fell out of stock after 2 weeks. The Jack, Queen and King's black colors have been redesigned. These cards are perfect for collectors, magicians, and amateurs eager to buy a nice gift.

Limited Edition Design and manufactured by USPCC -- Made in the USA for JOKARTE
Bicycle made with MetalLuxe Technology (real metal applied on the cards)
The most cherished luxury playing cards of our time
Edition in Black Embossed Box

Magic finish enables cards to handle smoothly and last longer than less expensive playing card decks:

Superior Durability
4X's more Durable
Superior Flexibility -- 30% more Flexible
Superior Handling
Same premium Air-Cushion Finish!

¥ 6,600





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